Amazing Concrete Countertop in Phoenix


Chandler , AZ USA

Artistic Countertops & Coatings LLC concrete countertop.

Instead of tearing out your old countertops, let us resurface them!  We can create a customized countertop to look like granite, marble or stone in any color or pattern.  All this for 1/2 the price of most granite.  

The following are some of the questions many of our customers ask. 

What is a Concrete Countertop / Concrete Overlay?
They way we create your new countertops is to coat directly over your existing Tile / Coarian / Laminate / Granite / Cultured Marble / Wood counters or solid surface with layers of Polymer based concrete. The concrete adheres and bonds to surface and adds to the strength of the existing surface. When the concrete dries, I use different colors and types of stains to create different looks and effects. 

What makes the counters so shinny?
The finial seal coat is a tough epoxy made specifically for countertops. The epoxy seals the concrete and enhances the colors and stains under it. 

Do your countertops need to be Resealed every couple of years like other concrete or Granite countertops?
No, you do not have to reseal these countertops. You will not need concrete countertop sealer.

What if I do not want my countertops to be so shinny?
We can matt the finish of the countertops if you want a different look at no additional charge. If you want your dull ones to be shinny, we can polish concrete countertops or add a layer of epoxy.

What color options and style are available to me?
The options are endless. You can pick something from one of our many photos, or ask us to create something new that has never been done before. 

Do I have to pay more to get the color and style I really want?
No. I do not charge different prices for different colors. I do not play the shell game of drawing you in with a great price then tell you the colors you really want will cost you $90 per sq ft ! (Hello Granite !)

How long does the process take?
Most kitchens take just 1 1/4 days. Full back-splashes or very large kitchens can sometimes require an extra day. It is quick and easy to get a concrete countertop in Phoenix.

Is there an odor?
Some people can smell the concrete and epoxy, and others do not. However it is not toxic, so you can be in the home / room while the process is being done. 

Is there a mess?
YES ! I make a really big mess! The good news is, I mask off the entire area and completely clean up my mess when I am done! 

What if I don't have countertops / want to change the format of my countertops?
I can build new countertops for you. I always try to go over the existing surfaces to keep my waste and prices low. However, when new ones need to be built, I can take care of that for you as well. 

Is there a warranty for my new counters?
Yes, there is a 2 year warranty on the materials and labor. Unlike Granite, there is not a maintenance plan charge of $200-$300 per year. These countertops are tough and they will give you many years of beautiful service!

Can I put hot pans from the stove on the countertop?

​The epoxy is tough and the concrete helps to dissipate the heat. The epoxy that I use is specifically made for countertops! It is heat resistant to 500 degrees. We do recommend that you use a heating pad for your pans. You should also use heat pads for Crock pots and items that can project heat down onto the countertop. It should be noted that Granite, Corian and Laminate countertops can all be damaged by the same type of heat.

Can I cut on the countertop. 

​All countertops can be scratched and damaged by cutting your food items on them, so we do recommend you use a cutting board when preparing your food. Again, the same precautions should be taken with Granite, Tile, Corian and Laminate countertops.